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Originally I had that build from the website but I wasn't doing enough damage, so I experimented with damage/healing. I'm actually surviving more now that I have because I can get downs faster and I've learned where to stand and where not to (for the most part) through my failure and getting schooled in TS lol. But my survivablity is mainly my fault, though. Most of the time I don't have a party when we run WvW stuff since I'm usually too timid to ask (I rarely talk on mumble/ts because of that as well - I try, but I bet you can tell I'm terribly awkward or almost cold most of the time). I'm working on that though! I partied up twice within the last week and got very few downs when I did. But I've only been in WvW about 3 times this week. I'll be more active with that now that my guardian is 80. I have a feeling I'll do guardian better (as needed), once I have enough gold to fully equip it with all the expensive sigils/runes it needs. Oh, and unlocking the bloody skills. That part, I have enough gold for but not enough skill points or time to do the things I need to unlock it in PvE. If it's not one thing, it's another haha.

As for gear, I mainly run a zerker/valkyrie set for damage but switch between it and the Mhenlo set with Dwayna runes when I have to be a more active healer. I also have an apothecary staff with sigil of life and sigil of renewal on it that I used a lot more in Season 2 than I do now. I'm trying to focus more on damage output now because I feel pretty useless otherwise. While other people are screaming "my bags are full!!!" I look at mine and usually have maybe 15 items by the end of the night if I'm lucky, and that says to me that I'm not helping kill enough. I've upped my game more since coming back, though. I don't die nearly as much and I do more damage output. I feel like I'm getting better, or at least hope that I am. I just need to start nutting up and asking people if they have a party slot available.

Although I haven't experimented much with the keybindings, to be honest. I know that I will when I get a gaming mouse! I'm just reluctant now because I know that I'll confuse myself a LOT until I learn, which wouldn't be good for anyone. I already use gw2 keys on other games, even though those controls don't exist on those games... And sadly the keys I'm comfortable with right now are all bound to things I'm comfortable with... XD; What I need to learn is how to use my keys more when casting, and I know that's one of my biggest downfalls. I'm finally just learning how to use the about face option. No one told me how to do it before haha. I learned through one of woodenpotatoes staff ele videos, which has also helped me get a little better at being an ele recently.

But I will definitely give the guide a full look through and see what I can do to make it easier for myself and everyone else. I'll also play around with my build more and see what allows me to damage, heal, and take damage best. I'm sorry you've had to assess my play style and help give ideas to improve, though. It means I definitely need to be better. I really appreciate the input and will look into everything I can, I'm just sorry you had to do this in the first place. Thank you a ton!


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